For The Love of Type – Gemma O’Brien (Mrs Eaves)

Typology is a fascinating and beautiful art form that has shaped the way our world looks since the invention of the pencil. Today, type has become a tool to personalise brands, express emotions, tell a story or simply write ones name. With Tumblr and Instagram so engrained in the day to day, people are more exposed to artists and typology than ever before. Combine this with a resurgence in traditional printing methods like letterpress and a growing acceptance of street art as an art form, and you’ve got good reason as to why artists like Gemma O’Brien are being plucked by brands and galleries all over the world to utilise her talented hand.

Gemma O’Brien is a young Sydney-based typographer and artist known for her illustrated typography treatments and hand-lettering, she has created work for a huge range of clients from Woolworths, Heinz, The New York Times and Kirin Cider. Typology, perhaps more than any art form, allows an artist to explore a myriad of techniques and styles – and this evident once you start browsing Gemma’s work. Known in the art world as Mrs Eaves, her creations are incredibly detailed, wonderfully unique and vibrantly coloured. Below are some of our favourites and you can contact Gemma here (blog), or here (bio) or her Instagram.



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