Five Tasmanian Adventures For Wild Whisky Lovers

Celebrating Tasmania’s windswept connection to the whisky’s Scottish home and its return to this year’s Dark Mofo Festival in June, Talisker has unveiled its top Tasmanian adventures for wild spirits, a collection of local experiences to inspire adventure-seekers to connect to the wilderness and share stories and a Talisker whisky around the campfire.

Dark Mofo Festival

Magnetising all the wildest spirits from Australia and around the world, Dark Mofo is a festival experience rich with aural and visual treats. This winter those interested in experiencing the highlights of Tasmania should visit Dark Mofo’s Dark Path to experience the artistic installations and curiosities. Explorers should stop off at The Talisker Wilderness Bar to cosy up in front of the fire wrapped in a luxurious wool blanket and a try a warm Talisker Hot Spiced Toddy. Those looking to ignite their senses can round-off their Dark Mofo exploration and seek out Talisker cocktails with a visit to the Winter Feast.

Via Satellite Island

Satellite Island

The private sanctuary, in the heart of the magnificent D’Entrecasteaux Channel, a short boat-ride from Hobart, is a rugged wonderland of hidden coves and pebble beaches, completely unspoilt by civilisation. Once home to a reclusive poet and writer, it now offers a dreamy coastal-luxe waterside cabin that sleeps up to eight guests. Adventure seekers will have to book a stay at the Island in advance before a visit where they can take on the 1.5-hour walk along Satellite Island’s ancient Rock Shelf, immersing themselves in the island’s rugged landscape. Then, light a fire on the pebble beach, enjoy the sunset with a dram of Talisker 10-year-old and watch the local seals play.

Bruny Island

Adventurers looking to experience all the highlights of Tasmania should head to Bruny Island, which encapsulates the very best that the Apple Isle has to offer, with its sprawling green landscapes, jagged dolerite sea cliffs and untouched bays. Lying just 40km south of Hobart via ferry, Bruny Island offers wild spirits the chance spot whales in the aptly named Adventure Bay, explore the National Park’s windswept landscapes and visit the Cape Bruny Lighthouse to take in a truly breathtaking view. Those who have worked up an appetite on their voyage to the island should pass through to try the Talisker oyster ritual at Get Shucked, Bruny Island’s farmers of the Pacific oyster.

Aurora Australis on Seven Mile Beach

The fact that Tasmania just might be the best vantage spot in the world to view the Southern Lights, or Australis Borealis, remains largely unknown. Wanderers seeking such sights should head to the South Arm Peninsula, 40 kilometres south-east of Hobart, for Aurora views that are like curtains of light dancing across the sky. The area is surrounded by beaches with still, yet wide shallow bays to capture reflection shots with waves crashing in the foreground. The powerful peat-smoke nose of Talisker with its sea-water saltiness and a citrus sweetness twist is perfectly enjoyed whilst watching the skies.

Wild beach bonfire feast on Redbill Beach

Keen cooks can take inspiration from Sarah Glover, Tasmanian-native, chef and wilderness enthusiast, with a campfire dinner on the incredible Redbill Beach surrounded by fairy penguins and a stunning view of Diamond Island. After cooking one of Sarah’s dishes for a campfire from her Wild Cookbook, those seeking an embrace from the outdoors can savour the sunset with a Talisker whisky looking out to sea, the perfect invitation to disconnect.

The Talisker Wilderness Bar is located on the Dark Path and The Talisker Winter Feast Bar is located in the main hall. For more information about the Dark Mofo festival visit


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.