Five Dream Sunday Drives and Your Road To Ownership

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With summer essentially upon us and the desire to make the absolute most out of the warm weekend days, my mind drifts back to the thought of the perfect Sunday driver. Since purchasing my Ducati, my longing for a fun weekend vehicle has eased to some degree but my thirst for a topless weekend warrior will never subside.

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I say ‘topless’ because my dream Sunday driver comes in the form of one of five cars, a Moke, a Navy Blue BMW E30, a late 60’s Mercedes-Benz SL 250, Porsche 356 Speedster and an AC Cobra. As I’ve said in previous posts, there’s something quite exhilarating about driving a convertible, and you can’t understand it until you’ve enjoyed the experience yourself. When you add the vintage aspect, you’ve got an instantly likeable and universally appreciated machine, perfectly suited for jaunts to Watsons Bay or trips along the Great Ocean Road.

In a perfect world, I’d have all five cars above, but I don’t live in a perfect world and chances are nor do you. Unless you got into Ethereum in 2016 or founded Stripe, you’re most likely looking at funding your Sunday driver with a loan, which is what NRMA have sponsored this post for. Outside of offering loans for just about any toy you can imagine, NRMA has loans for both new and used cars, and motorcycles, and a handy little Loan Calculator which you can have open while you search the world wide web for your dream car.

Once you’ve been approved, I suggest taking your time with your purchase and don’t buy the first thing you see – you’ll need some time to analyse the market. Read every forum and buying guide you can find, ask questions and work out exactly what to look for when it comes time to inspect – like problem rust areas. If you can pay a specialist mechanic to join you for an inspection, even better. Don’t overstretch yourself, and work in some budget for yearly maintenance, rego and insurance and any required parts for a RWC, or initial spruce up.

Here’s a quick look at my favourite Sunday drivers.

Mini Moke

Mini Moke ($5000 – $25000): Originally designed as a light military vehicle but deemed unworthy of the task due to its small wheels and low ground clearance the Moke achieved cult status as a beach buggy. Has been on the top of the bucket list since the first day I saw one.

BMW E30 Convertible Navy

BMW E30 Convertible ($7000-$30000): My father had a grey E30 when I was a child and I always loved the shape. As a teenager, my dream was to own a convertible in Navy Blue with cream interior. I wasnt interested in the Cabriolet, just the lines of the convertible with the top down.

Mercedes 1967 SL250

60s Mercedes-Benz SL 250 ($100k-$200k): I had the pleasure of spending the day with a 1967 SL 250 some years ago, which we used on a shoot for Academy Brand. Its a car that commands so much attention for all the right reasons and Ill never forget that afternoon cruising along the beachfront at Bondi with the top down.

Porsche 356 Speedster

Porsche 356 Speedster ($150k Plus): Some would consider the 356 the ultimate vintage automobile – Id be one of those people.

Shelby AC Cobra

AC Cobra (Original – Dont Ask): Nobody turned off the original Bad Boys movie and didnt dream of owning both the 964 Turbo or the AC Cobra. I met a wealthy English bloke some years ago who purchased one with some inheritance and had it delivered on a flatbed truck to the local pub on a Sunday afternoon. My jealousy was uncontainable.

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