Ferrari LaFerrari

The successor to the Enzo has been unveiled and whilst it looks immense it comes with one of the worst names in the history of automobiles. Despite the woeful name the LaFerrari is another undeniably awesome release from the gentlemen at Maranello. The F60 is a seamless blend of the company’s previous two releases, the 458 Italia and F12 Berlinetta melded with the most iconic design elements of its predecessor, the Enzo’s nose and doors.

The LaFerrari boasts a ridiculous new chassis that delivers the highest degree of aerodynamic efficiency ever produced in a road car as well as the first hybrid engine ever built by the company. The engine features both a combustion component and an electrical component combining to offer the driver up to 963bhp whilst the new HY-KERS system guarantees the smoothest integration of the two motors as possible maximising both performance and efficiency.

There’s a reason Ferrari posted their best year on record ever last year – they can not, and will not make a mistake (bar the name of this car). Unfortunately this car will be limited to 499 customers and consideration to purchase will be via strict invite only. I doubt we see one in Sydney but what I don’t doubt is Ferrari’s ability to produce a more desirable sports car than the last, every single time.

Check out the video, it’s sublime.


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