Ferrari FXX K Launches. Already Sold Out.

The Ferrari FXX K was unveiled to the public in Abu Dhabi last week and currently stands as the fastest car with a roof to ever emerge from the Scuderia. Built as a demonstration of Ferrari’s prowess for its most devoted customers, the FXX K is five seconds a lap faster than the LaFerrari around the Fiorano test track. Unfortunately for those with the cash to purchase, Ferrari were just tangling their awesome ball of string in front of the paws of the fat cats.


At the cars unveiling in Maranello they announced that they would build a maximum of 40 FXX K cars and that all were all spoken for. The price: $3.1 million. That’s $1 million more than the LaFerrari which includes two years of Corsa Clienti service, which means Ferrari holds onto the car, in Italy, and flies it to tracks around the world with mechanics in tow, so that owners can just show up and race without having to worry about their own wrenching skills.

I wonder how long it’ll be until we see one on the second hand market and I wonder if the Corsa Clienti service is transferrable?

Here’s a clip of it ripping around the Yas Marina circuit.


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