Ferrari F12 doing 350km/h on public road – Vettel apparently driving.

This video of an Ferrari F12 doing 350km/h popped onto our radar overnight and rumor has it Sebastian Vettel was the person driving it. The horrible quality video was captured last week in Abu Dhabi by German journalist and Vettel’s close friend Matthias Malmedie, who was riding shotgun and was shooting the speed on the display in front of the passenger’s seat. Malmedie posted it on his Facebook page on Saturday and it’s getting a lot of negative attention. Comments are calling for the driver to be arrested if the video is real. I’m all for driving supercars fast but 350km/h on a public road is irresponsible, dangerous and just plain stupid. If you’ve been in a car doing plus 220-250km/h you might be able to appreciate just how fast 350km/h is. If it is Vettel (which he has neither claimed or denied) there’s going to be some serious public backlash and potentially trouble with Ferrari.

What an epic car though.


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