Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

This had to be the most anticipated car release of the year, a lighter and more powerful front engined V12 to succeed the great 599. For the very privileged Ferrari customers, an option to purchase has already been offered and Gordan Ramsey has already placed an order for what will become the 14th Ferrari he has owned.

This car is beautiful, combining the front end of the 458 and the rear of what looks to be the lovechild of the California and the Alfa 8C. They’ve increased the horsepower by more than 100, from 611 to 730 and dropped the curb weight 400 pounds. These factors coupled with the F1 style double clutch gearbox makes the F12 the fastest road car ever tested on the Fiorano circuit (1.23) – ahead of both the 599 GTO( 1.24) and the Enzo (1.25)! In my opinion this is the most balanced Ferrari of all time. Technically and aerodynamically fantastic as well as beautiful.

I think the success of the 458 has really pushed the anticipation for the F12. Ferrari are continuing to blow everyones expectations out of the water and prove they are the king of the Supercar when it comes to usability and sheer excitement behind the wheel. This car makes a very solid statement and no doubt, a very solid dent in your bank account. Expect to see the F12in Double Bay in early 2013, prices haven’t been confirmed for Australia but I’m sure they’ll be north of $700,000.

Oh and if you thought Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa had bad jobs….they don’t. Here they are test driving an F12 each on the track at the same time.



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