FBI Northern Lights EP

Ever since I have been writing this column for TVG I have focused on Sydney’s art scene and not once have I mentioned music. I haven’t done so because during the week I work at a radio station (no guessing which one) and I have conditioned myself to believe “everyone else is talking about music, so why not discuss something different”. However, here at TVG, it’s another story and I’ve only just realised this. Music is just as much a part of Sydney’s culture as art and both worlds seem to integrate so easily. It most definitely deserves a mention…

Some may argue that Sydney has always had a great pub-music scene but there’s no denying that with small bars/venues popping up everywhere to encourage live shows & some amazing efforts from community radio, the sounds of Sydney are truly thriving at the moment. Sydney is now responsible for some of the most innovative and experimental music in the world, thanks to some incredibly talented artists.

Last week I attended the Northern Lights Competition Showcase at FBi Social on Level 2 of The Kings Cross Hotel. Let me begin by explaining that The Northern Lights Competition is an annual campaign run by FBi Radio to find the best solo producers/artists that Sydney has to offer. They then fly the winners across the world to a conference in Iceland to show off their amazing talents and collaborate with other amazing and talented artists.

In 2011 the competition finalists included Caitlin Park, Tim Fitz, Whyte Fang, Rainbow Chan, Oliver Tank and Flume. Oliver Tank and Rainbow Chan won the trip to Iceland, and both had a hugely successful year to follow it. Last years final participants included Unkle Berry, Thomas William, Nakagin, Mammals, Moonbase Commander, Luchi, Moon Holiday and Lanterns. Moon Holiday and Lanterns came out on top this time around. It has become a tradition each year to release an EP to sonically document this journey of the artists whilst collaborating with each other and icelandic musicians.

To celebrate the launch of the second installment of the Northern Lights EP, FBi Social hosted a gig and as well as Moon Holiday and Lanterns, Oliver Tank and Rainbow Chan were invited back to join the festivities. It was an incredible night of music and for me to try and explain what these artist do to create sound just wouldn’t do it justice. They use everything from instruments to computers and even children’s toys. Each and every artist involved is extremely creative and is most definitely worth checking out.

The second EP is available now for free download.


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