Fathers Day Gentleman Jack Engraved Edition

Sponsored By Gentleman Jack

Each year I ask my Dad what he would like for Father’s Day, and each year his response is exactly the same, ‘nothing mate, just come round for lunch’. But he has to say that because he’s your Dad, and you have to ignore it, because you’re his child.

There’s something inherently special about Father’s Day – it’s a tip of the hat to that father/child bond that’s too often unspoken, but understood, present, but not acknowledged. So if you’re like me, and every year you ask him the same question and get that same answer, save yourself the time it takes to ask and get Dad the best gift money can buy this Father’s Day – a personalised, engraved bottle of Gentleman Jack.

Gentleman Jack this year has once again opened up its beautiful engraving program in the weeks leading up to Fathers Day. Gentleman Jack is a well-crafted, smoky, twice filtered Tennessee Whiskey – a great present at any time of the year. However now you have a unique opportunity to thank Dad in a brilliant and personal way for the years of ‘don’t tell your mother’ pocket money, the endless professional sporting tips and the terrible relationship advice.

In three lines you can express your love, give thanks, tell a memorable story or poke fun at his golf swing – whatever you choose, it’s a personal touch that will go down a treat on Father’s Day, and definitely outshine the sock/hanky pack your brother gives your old man.

At the end of the day it’s about dedicating a day to the fellow that made you who you are today. Perhaps he’s a role model, a teacher, a disciplinary, or just a great mate – either way he deserves a great gift, a gift worthy of a true gentleman.

Purchase your personalised bottle here: http://bit.ly/TVGEngraveGentlemanJack


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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