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TVG’s The Best of Manchester is our fifth piece for the Expedia Travel Blog, please click through to the link to read the entire piece!

I’m not entirely sure where Manchester earned its reputation for being a subpar city, the word most people mentioned as soon as I told them I was off to England, but I feel like the Mancunians have been rather hard done by. I can only presume those who describe it negatively haven’t been – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed telling people how wrong they are!

As the birthplace of the industrial revolution, Manchester should be considered one of the most significant cities in the world. I don’t think the majority of British people quite understand just how important Greater Manchester was to the development of their country. For those that are interested here’s a quick list of the things we have to thank Manchester for: the first economically successful canal, Richard Arkwright’s ‘waterframe’ which revolutionised the cotton industry and caused the city to flourish, the first steam powered mill, atomic theory (and the disproving of it by splitting the atom), James Watt’s steam engine and the world’s first intercity railway, the first computer, the contraceptive pill, and ironically, the world’s first test tube baby. It was also the spot where Charles Rolls met Henry Royce, who formed Rolls-Royce and set about creating the world’s finest motor cars. Bravo chaps.

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