The Best Watch Shopping Cities in the World

I’ve been asked to start contributing to the Expedia travel blog so I thought, following my time in London, Dubai and NYC over the past 6 months that I’d kick things off with The Best Watch Shopping Destinations in the World. Below is an excerpt from the post, please click through to the link to read the entire piece. Hope you find it useful!

I find it strange that consumers have no qualms paying the listed price for some retail goods and services, but not for others. We pay RRP for our clothes, our food, our dry cleaning and dining out, but somewhere along the way everybody decided watches (like new cars) were open to aggressive negotiation. This haggling trend, combined with the boom in online retailing has created healthy competition amongst retailers, and kept the manufacturers true to their pricing, thus creating a position of power for watch buyers. With so much choice, here are a few cities on my list of best destinations for watch shopping.

Read the full post at Expedia.


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