Expedia Montana Guide: A Week In Big Sky Country

TVG’s Montana Guide: A Week in Big Sky Country Montana is our sixth piece for the Expedia Travel Blog, please click through to the link to read the entire piece!

Generally when Australians talk about visiting America, it’s a trip to one of a handful of places, or a collection of said places; Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Aspen, Miami, New York. The slightly more adventurous might include a stop in New Orleans, Washington DC, Boston, Nashville or Austin. I don’t think it’s because people aren’t interested in exploring the vastly undiscovered remainder of the country, it’s because we’re drawn to these big cities to visit family and friends, or to attend a festival or event. As someone who has been to America half a dozen times, and included New York in all of those trips, I’ll be the first to admit my concept of real America was clouded to say the least. Thankfully, last month, that changed when I joined a group of Expedia Viewfinders for an epic taste of Americana in “Big Sky Country”, Montana.

Montana is the fourth largest state (by size) in the USA, it’s also the third least densely populated state after Alaska and Wyoming. A road trip across the 150,000 square mile state would take roughly 12 hours, but you could easily spend two weeks exploring the magnificent landscapes and picture perfect towns.

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