Executive Living in London

We weren’t mucking around when we said Executive living in London. This dramatic apartment block located at 10 Hanover St is literally smack bang in the middle of London, a stone’s throw from Oxford Circus. The building was designed by Squire and Partners and features 6 luxury apartments, commercial space and a gallery on the bottom floor.

Each apartment features retractable floor to ceiling shutters designed to maximise light in the day and privacy in the evening. Spanning the width of the building, the shutters can be fully opened and closed forming a dynamic frontage to the street and assisting with environmental control. When closed the bronze shutters allow light to permeate through displaying the chevron pattern, and when open reveal flashes of red lining and gold trim. Each of the buildings floors contain a single apartment with a duplex apartment on the upper two floors. Large open plan kitchen/living rooms to the front offer views towards Regent Street and Hanover Square.

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Via Arch Daily. Images by Gareth Gardner and James Balston.


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