Etihad launch ‘The Residences’ on new A380

Yesterday Etihad Airlines put their competitors to absolute shame with the release of what can only be described as the most lavish commercial flying experience the world has ever seen. Their new A380 seat map is split into two levels and the obscene disparity in personal wealth (and space) is astonishing.

The Residences will feature once only in each A380 and can accommodate 2 passengers over three rooms, a living room, bedroom, and private bathroom with shower, measuring a total of 125 square feet! To add a final touch Etihad also include a private butler specially trained by Savoy Hotels to cater to your every request.

So what does it cost? Etihad’s one-way fare in The Residences from Abu Dhabi to London will set you back just north of $20,000USD. Ridiculous!




In this video below Dannii Minogue walks you through The Residences. I suggest you put it on mute and turn on some classical music, her screaming throughout the video belittles the experience somewhat.

Finally if The Residences is a little out of your price range, Etihad also released picture of their new First Class cabin and lounge. Both also breathtakingly epic.







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