Essential Spring Racing Carnival Accessories

Spring has officially sprung, and with it, the 86-day extravaganza that is Spring Racing Carnival, playing host to Australia’s top race days including The Everest Oct 13, Caulfield Cup Oct 20, Cox Plate Oct 27 and of course, Melbourne Cup Nov 6. While specific dates in the calendar, such as Derby Day on November 3, come with traditional dress codes, the Spring Racing Carnival provides both everyday punters, and hopeful style influencers, the chance to sport their finest threads, in search of a first, or a filly, to accompany them home. Regardless of whether you’re wearing a suit or a sports jacket, there’s a handful of accessories we deem essential for the Spring Racing Carnival.

Spring Racing Carnival Accessories


Essential Spring Racing Carnival AccessoriesVenturing to the track without a pair of sunglasses is enough to ruin your day, especially if you arrive for Race 1 around midday when the sun is at its absolute brightest. Classic colours, like Tortoise or Black, are subtle and will complement any outfit. Leave it to the frame style to make a statement, going either bold or vintage like these iconic Carreras.

Pocket Square

Essential Spring Racing Carnival AccessoriesThe days of the flamboyant pocket square are well and truly dead. In fact, for corporate environments, we’d recommend losing them all together. In casual settings, however, a neatly folded pocket square is still a lovely touch with natural tones and pastels complementing dark jackets and lighter coloured ties.


Essential Spring Racing Carnival Accessories

Whether you’re at Cranbourne or Caulfield, putting a tie on is as essential as a pair of shoes. The most important rule when choosing a tie and pocket square is that they should exist in harmony but never match. When choosing a bold pocket square it’s wise to pick a calmer tie and vice versa.


Essential Spring Racing Carnival Accessories

The exposed ankles trend fizzled out right about the same time it began. Not only is it completely impractical, and surely uncomfortable, it breaks the flow of your outfit by exposing your stark white ankles after a long winter of hibernation. Any form of lace-up shoe should be accompanied by socks (and has to be at any respectable race track), as should a loafer in a formal setting like Spring Carnival. Choose black or navy every time.

Panama Hat

Essential Spring Racing Carnival Accessories

The dying Ecuadorian art of the woven Panama Hat acts not only has a stylish accessory but a practical one too, shielding the scorching Flemington sun from your brow. Opt for a Classic or Trilby style paired with a traditional black Grosgrain ribbon and you can’t go wrong.


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