Essential Australia Day Items

Whether you’re hosting an event at home, or attending one in a local park or beach, there’s a number of essential Australia Day items that you really can’t go without. We’ve pulled together a quick list to remind you what to pack tomorrow.

– BBQ: Preparing any cooked meals without a BBQ on the 26th of January is, quite frankly, scandalous. Don’t attend an event without one.

– Sausages: If there’s ever a day to enjoy Victor Churchill’s finest sausages, it’s Australia Day. It’s not a Tuesday night at University so forget about the 1.7kg Coles Thin Beef tub and go for broke.

– Sauce: The endless Tomato vs BBQ debate always reaches a boiling point on Australia Day. Leave the Sweet Baby Rays at home (we wouldn’t usually recommend this) and pick up ETA’s iconic brown bottle – don’t even bother with Tomato.

ETA BBQ Sauce Australia Day Essential Items

– Prawns: Sydney Fish Market is open for business tomorrow. Grab some pre poached Tigers to enjoy cold or some King Prawns for BBQing. Use a serrated knife to remove the intestinal tract, replace it with a generous dose of your favourite marinade and throw them on the barby. Perfection.

– Shapes: If you thought the sauce debate heated up on Australia Day, the Shapes chat can get down right nasty. Stalwart BBQ supporters will be devouring endless hexagonal morsels, while tongues are sucking every conceivable speck of flavouring off the Crimpys (before getting stuck to the roof of unsuspecting mouths). Old mate in the corner is getting heckled as he tries to make an argument for Savoury, which everyone secretly loves, and the previously devoured foil Pizza packet has already been staunched by the guy who didn’t bring anything to party (and ate the majority of them anyway).

– Party Pies: Access to an oven is the clincher with the Party Pies, you’ll be forgiven if you’re in the park, but not if you’re hosting at home.

– Paddle Pops, Gaytimes or Bubble O Bills: We came to loggerheads with the ice cream shout out. Of course everyone has a preference but no one ever says no to a Gaytime, ever.

Golden Gaytime Icecream Australia Day Essential Items

– Cricket Bat and Stumps with Taped Tennis Ball: Let’s get one thing straight with the cricket set – the shitter, the better. You’re not Usman Khawaja, so don’t turn up with a brand spanking new bat. You can however, turn up with a packet of new tennis balls, but make sure you’ve got some tape handy for adding some additional swing.

– Frisbee: Throwing a disc never gets old, it’s challenging, and you feel like a lord when you perfect a throw, and a classic catch. Also, there’s nothing funnier than seeing your mate misjudging the dip and collecting a disc to the face.

– Australian Flags: Can be done tastefully.

– Esky: Vital. Make sure your esky has a handle on both ends, not just one on top. You’ll need a friend to help you lug it over to your reserved spot on the grass. Keep it closed as much as possible throughout the day, and out of the sun if possible, your ice will last longer.

– VB: Don’t be a snob, you’ll have a hard earned thirst after carrying the esky and VB is the only refreshment required. As the boating beer of choice, I’ve spent a good portion of the summer with a grenade in hand. Cans are optimal, especially in public places where glass usage should be kept to a minimum and the clean up is easier.

– Stubby Holders: Dust off your collection of country pub stubby holders and hand them out to the gents so they can adequately insulate their beverages.

Stubby Cooler Australia Day Essential Items

– Thongs: Double pluggers aren’t crucial, but they’re definitely more authentic.

– Funny Hat: Be it for sun protection, making a statement, part of your outfit, or a mixture of both, a funny hat is the icing on the cake to your Australia Day get up. We recommend sporting the following varieties: bucket (preferably towelling fabric), anything floral, hard worn boating cap, wide brim straw numbers, like the Ocean and Earth one your dad wore at the beach when you were 13, or Panama if you’re feeling sassy.

– Cool Dogs: Any combination of cool dogs will add to the ambiance of the day. Ideally you should be looking to include iconic Australia breeds, hilarious mismatched combinations or two sausage dogs.

Cool Dogs

– Hottest 100: Every Australia Day event will need music. Whilst there’s a handful of great Australian acts which will eventually get a run later in the night, tune into the Jays to find out who topped the Hottest 100 in 2015.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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