Elvis Presley’s Abandoned Lockheed Jet Is Looking For A New Home

You’ve heard of Graceland, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s former home estate in Memphis, Tennessee. To go one further, if you’ve been yourself you’ll have even had a chance to tour two of Elvis Presley’s private jets – a Convair 880 called Hound Dog II and a Lockheed Jetstar called Lisa Marie – the latter adopting the name of Elvis Presley’s only daughter.

Despite being sold in 2015 to new owners, their histories were preserved under an agreement the aircraft would stay at the on-site museum so visitors to the estate could tour them just as they were in the days of the King himself.

Halfway across America, however, far from the historic fanfare that engulfed Graceland, a third jet owned by the global performer sat silently in Roswell, New Mexico for 35 years. Snapped up by Elvis in 1976, this other Lockheed Jetstar, which wasn’t even around long enough to win itself an endearing title, was quickly forgotten no less than a year later and left to wait patiently on a remote runway for an owner that would never return.

It’s safe to assume then (and confirmed by the listing notes for the sale of the aircraft), that it isn’t in any operable condition – in fact, not even slightly. Behind the Jetstar’s dilapidated red and silver paintwork (that would have looked shit hot back in its heyday), the cockpit is missing vital components to allow it to fly and there’s a lack of engine(s). Plural or not, this chariot isn’t getting its wings back any time soon.

Deep purple fabrics and silky red velvet chairs are complemented with gold-plated accents throughout a wood-finished interior. The video monitor that displayed real-time flight information would have been way ahead of its time and can be seen in the pictures below.

The current owner has likely finally awoken from his drunk purchasing nightmare, despite buying the jet last year for a silly $430,000 USD, realising he can’t really do much with it at all. If it were restored, costs and painstaking annoyance aside, it could definitely fetch a sizeable amount in the future.

The King’s possessions seem to be a pretty safe bet for investors at present, doing nothing apart from appreciating in value recently, with Presley’s OMEGA Tiffany & Co. becoming the most expensive ever from the Swiss watchmaker, clocking in at over $2m USD at auction.

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