24 Gifts in 24 Days – Edge of Belgravia Knives

Having a good knife in the kitchen is absolutely essential, even it’s just to marvel at the ease in which it slices through a fresh tomato. Zane recently ran us through some great options for purchasing quality knives and today I’m adding to that list with Edge of Belgravia.

Edge of Belgravia pioneer exclusively designed chef knives to achieve prominent placement in kitchens all over the world. Based in distinguished Belgravia, London, their cutting-edge design team work diligently to produce bold, confident, contemporary culinary works of art

The correct utensils are crucial to expressing your passion of food. The boldly crafted Damascus and Ceramic knives will induce enthusiasm to your slicing and creativity, while adding a beautiful design aesthetic to your kitchen. Each Edge of Belgravia knife represents an exceptional piece of contemporary craftsmanship. Each piece is quite literally a work of art.

Edge of Belgravia Knives are available online and start at a very competitive $55.00

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