The Glorious 34-Year Evolution Of The Eagle E-Type

In 1961 Jaguar’s E-Type was the fastest and most exciting vehicle on the market. More than 50 years later, the Eagle E-Type is bringing back that same energy and power. It’s the same personality with the addition of today’s best motoring technology. This British car manufacturer is paying humble homage with its four E-Type special editions. This is the glorious 34-year evolution of the Eagle E-Type.

The Original Eagle E-Type

Keeping with the spirit of the original, the E-type is a ‘zero mile’ restoration. Although the option is given to have these made as was originally intended, most customers opt for the appropriate modernisations for optimal safety and performance, while keeping with the ‘spirit’ of the original E-type. Eagle’s goal?

‘Our fully bespoke service offers an impressive range of options to precisely suit you, your driving style and what you want to achieve. In many ways it’s like buying a really good suit – it should fit you perfectly.’

Eagle E-Type

Eagle Speedster

To encapsulate this work of art:

‘The Speedster has redefined what the Jaguar E-type might have become.’

For all Mad Men devotees like myself, you will know that the Jaguar could once be described as a man’s mistress – all the fun and the excitement that your regular ride just could not provide. This is the Speedster. Thrilling, unique, and perfect. The only thing missing is the roof, which only makes for a more compelling joyride.

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Eagle E-Type

Eagle E-Type

Eagle Low Drag GT

The gentleman’s response to the Speedster, the Grand Tourer offers customers a still thrilling yet practical driving experience. If the GT absolutely had to be your only car, you would be fine going cross-town or cross-country.

‘Long legs and high performance to take you wherever you wish – in some considerable style.’

The starting point for Eagle is the Jaguar E-Type Low Drag Coupe – a mythical creation in every car lover’s canon. A thirty-year evolution at Eagle and this is this masterful result.

Eagle E-Type

Eagle Spyder GT

The Spyder is the gorgeous result of the marriage between the Speedster and the Low Drag GT and currently the final evolutionary form of the Eagle E-Type. Unlike its predecessors, Spyder’s roof is optional. Furthermore, all the poise of the GT and style of the Speedster have combined to create a body which is nothing but divine in its appearance and heavenly in its driving. Pictures speak louder than words ever can. Here’s proof:

Eagle E-Type

Eagle E-Type

Eagle E-Type

The above Eagle E-Types are made upon request and hopeful buyers can expect to pay at least $1 million AUD. Each vehicle is made in-house at Eagle, with the utmost precision, dedication, and focus. This is why the E-Types are at the top of any car connoisseurs dream list.

Visit Eagle’s website here for all things E-Type.


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