Duncan Quinn (NYC)

On a recent trip to New York I visited what could only be described as the best retail boutique I’ve ever stepped foot in. Not only were the suits, shirts and ties immaculate and plentiful, the owner/designer was a true gentleman and treated my friends and I with the utmost respect, something retail inherently lacks nowadays.

Duncan Quinn is British, as was his father. A child brought up admiring his father’s clean cut Saville Row suits – a man of Scotland Yard, always dressed impeccably. Duncan’s designs are inspired by his travels and what some may describe as a life of privilege. Whilst this might sound incredibly snobby I can personal vouch for Duncan, he is nothing of the sort.
Upon entering we were greeted by Duncan and his friend, both men dressed with purpose. We perused the small store on Spring St and chatted with Duncan about his choice of colours and materials from the finest mills in the world. He offers limited edition ready-to-wear suits in all 3 of his stores located in NYC, Miami and LA and specializes in bespoke hand crafted items that are ‘the best a man could ever care to own’.

Whilst Robert tried on some jackets we got chatting about the selection of Balvenie scotch presented next to the register, to which Duncan insisted we try and discuss. The shop possesses an incredible amount of distinction, laden with images of inspirational gentlemen of the past and present. We get onto talking about drive days Duncan and his friends do, followed by lavish dinners appreciating the world’s finest wines and single malt whiskeys. It quickly became apparent that Duncan is a man who does what he loves and his brand is not just clothing, it is a lifestyle, one he lives and sells with passion.
He and his store optimize what retail should be, an experience. A must visit for any versatile gentlemen.
Below is a video of Duncan speaking about the true nature of ‘Bespoke’.



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