Duly Equipped

DULY EQUIPPED is a new menswear label from Taiwanese-Canadian designer Yenting Chen, more informally known as Yen. Yen’s line draws from a time when men took great pride in how they dressed and carried themselves through the world, what he describes as the look of ‘the rebellious gentleman’.

When I stumbled across the website I was instantly attracted to the classic shapes and bold details, no doubt meticulously hand crafted by Yen himself. Personally, I think it is difficult to blend traditional tailoring with eccentric finishes and I find Yen’s range arrogant but still respectful of Saville Row, the institution in which he draws the majority of his inspiration.

I’d like to think that it’s fairly common knowledge that wearing a perfectly tailored suit will maintain your edge over the next man. Due to this fact being fairly common knowledge you may find the next man is also in a tailored suit but is it adorned with camel contrast lapels, satin piping and suede elbow patches? I think not. It would appear Yen has provided you the upper hand.

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