Drake’s London

Drake’s London has to be one of, if not the, go to brand for simple, elegant and essential mens accessories. Founded in 1977 by three close friends their first line of products were quality mens scarves. Silk ties and handkerchiefs quickly followed and today they are the single largest independent producer of handmade ties in England.

The “Hanky”

Restricted not only to ties, scarves and handkerchiefs Drake’s now offers an incredible range of products, and each and every one exudes an undoubtable elegance and hand-made feel. They’re known for their handmade ties, however you’re forgiven for enjoying every aspect of their product range.

Silk Knitted Navy Tie

In the spirit of Saville Row bespoke tailoring Drake’s also offers a ‘Bespoke Tie Service’ – superbly handcrafted ties made to your personal specification. Not only can you hand pick your fabric, shape and style, but you’ll never have to worry about the awkward tie length dilemma.

Bespoke Tie Service – Fabric Options

Drake’s offers collections designed for the most conservative to the most fashionable – and through their forty-plus years of experience they continue to eschew the drama of mere gestures so prevalent today, believing that true luxury is indeed the comprehension of quality. If you’re wanting to brighten up an old suit or add some detail to a new shirt – Drake’s London should be you’re first stop.

Royal Twill Printed Silk Bow Tie

Note: The video below beautifully shows the process of making a Drake’s tie. Additionally, all tie wearing men must read the Drake’s Tie Etiquette Guide



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