Didier de Radiguès People Portrait

I’m always impressed with people who take on their passion projects and Didier de Radiguès is a shining example. The former motorcycle racer and multiple Grand Prix winner retired from motor sport and started a career as a photography artist. Last month at the Fall Edition of Affordable Art Fair in New York City Didier de Radiguès exhibited a collection of works entitled People Portrait. The portraits involve observing specifically arranged people from above forming objects on the sand, and the result is fascinating.


Didier de Radiguès suggests a new way of shooting people exploring new photographic territory never seen before. Art collectors compare his artistic approach to the theory of “blue ocean” written by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, showing the deep potential and the artistic added value Didier de Radiguèsis creating through his new photographic series. Didier de Radiguès draws its inspiration from the Nazca geoglyphs, geometric figures made on the ground in the Nazca Desert in Peru, to stage helicopter view photography’s of hundreds of people thereby forming a beautiful silhouette of incredible authenticity.

You can check out Didier de Radiguès People Portrait on his website and visit the next Affordable Art Fair in London from the 23rd-28th Oct.

The-Versatile-Gent-Didier-de-Radiguès-People-Portrait-loveupresse-1349x900 The-Versatile-Gent-Didier-de-Radiguès-People-Portrait-The_twig_-_Didier_de_Radiguès


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