Did Rolex Place Products on Ex On The Beach Season Six?

Right, let’s get the comments about TVG watching Ex On The Beach out of the way. You good? Done. This has been bugging me for a month and as no one on the internet seems to be talking about Rolex placing products on Ex On The Beach, I thought I’d start the discussion.

I’ll set the scene for you. I returned home from the office on a Wednesday last month to find my housemate on the couch watching a program called Ex On The Beach (Season Six). For those of you who don’t know it, it’s “8 sexy singles” (essentially every contestant that’s ever been on Geordie Shore) living in a luxury house while being reintroduced to a variety of ex flames from their past, who walk out of the water to a ‘Jaws’esque terror soundtrack onto the beach. It’s utter trash but christ it’s hard to look away.

Being the avid watch enthusiast that I am, I began to spot some notable watches across almost every member of the cast – all Rolex. Knowing nothing about Geordie Shore or Ex On The Beach, I queried the watches with my housemate, to which he replied, some of the cast eg. Aaron Chalmers and others like Gaz Beadle are established TV Personalities worth millions of pounds, thus could afford to purchase the watches. The rest of the cast are ‘nobodies’ as he put it. With product placement so rife in modern TV and movies (go check out The Fate of the Furious – it’s obscene), I naturally came to the only logical explanation – that Rolex was actively placing products in the show, however unlikely that pairing may seem.

Over the next few weeks I sat and watched the end of the Season Six, partly because I was addicted and partly because I wanted to see if my theory, that Rolex were placing products within the show, was conceivable. Here’s what I assessed from the remaining episodes and attempted to showcase with the best screenshots I could find.

Aaron Chalmers wears a Datejust 41mm in Steel and Everose Gold Ref.126301 (AUD $15,550)

Aaron Chalmers Rolex Ex On the Beach

Nicole Bass wears a Datejust 41 mm in Steel and White Gold Ref.126334 (AUD $18,100)

Nicole Bass Rolex

Nicole Bass Rolex Ex on the BeachAdam Oukhellou wears a Skydweller 42 mm in Yellow Gold Ref.326938 (AUD $58,550). Jack Devlin is also pictured in the image below rocking what may possibly be a ‘Smurf’ – the White Gold Submariner Ref.116619LB (AUD $46,850). The watch is seen on his wrist less than those of the other cast members, which is, even more, telling – as anyone who’d worked hard enough to purchase it wouldn’t spend a moment without it on. 

Adam Ex on the Beach Rolex Skydweller

Becca Edwards wears a mid-sized Datejust in a combination of steel and white gold, my guess is the Lady-Datejust 28 Steel and White Gold Ref.279174 (AUD $9,300).

Becca Edwards RolexJacques Fraser also wears a Datejust on a jubilee bracelet.

Ross Worswick, Sean Pratt and Josh Ritchie are all seen throughout the season wearing Oyster Perpetual sports models, Ross in what appears to be a Ceramic No Date Ref.114060 mostly, and also moments wearing a Yellow Gold sub which he may or may not swap with Josh Ritchie in different scenes. It is, however, hard to confirm exactly what models they are. 

Credit: Justin Goff/goffphotos.com

By the last couple of episodes, once they’ve realised how often hands are in shots, with overacted exchanges of hands over mouths and anxious hands running through hair, and over faces, it’s impossible not to notice. The last scene on the beach with Sean, Jenny and Ross, all three cast members are wearing Rolex dive watches.

Now I find it highly unlikely that Aaron Chalmers (who may have owned a Rolex previously) has walked onto the show and influenced the entire cast to purchase a watch from the same brand, from varying, and current, collections. I find it even more unlikely that the entire cast is even interested in Haute horology, and only Rolex (not Hublot or Panerai for example) and are happy to spend tens of thousands of dollars of their show wage on them.

However, being the status symbol that Rolex is, especially to a group like the cast on the show, and its audience, it’s not out of the question.

Therein lies the reason to place the product.

I pitched my theory to a friend over lunch some weeks ago, requesting he watch the program himself. He and his wife combine for 50 years of experience in the advertising industry, he also happens to be an avid Rolex collector. He called me the following week, after discussing it over an episode with his wife, and agreed that it was asinine to believe that all members of the cast wore the watches on their own accord – a partnership for sure, and not one he approved of.

Considering that the majority of what we consume about watches online these days is paid for by the brands, I just can’t shake the opinion that Rolex placed their products in Ex On The Beach. And if it is pure coincidence, then bravo to the cast for having a lovely collection of watches.

Or maybe they’re all fakes…let me know your thoughts.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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