Dictador Rum

I was first introduced to Dictador Rum in Colombia during a trip last year. I was in a beautiful establishment in Bogota and it was a recommended beverage from the non-English speaking bartender. In my broken Spanish I took his advice and ordered.

Dictador rum is a product which melds European stylings with Colombian rum, and caps it all off with a beautifully bespoke matte black Japanese bottle. This product bleeds class and you’ll find yourself in love with it before you even pop the cork.

Of course this begs the question, does the contents match the container? Absolutely, unequivocally yes. This is one of the most delicious rums I have had the pleasure of tasting.

Dictador was but a heavenly overseas memory until recently when I visited Sydney’s Cuban inspired bar La Botaguita Del Medio. This amazing bar stocks hundreds of Rums from all over the world, and nestled amongst them sits the 12-year-old and the 20-year-old variations of Dictador rum.

The rum is rich and vibrant, with a medium body and a full profile of flavour. The 12-year-old is deep and smooth and a delicious aftertaste of cocoa loiters after every sip. The older brother, the 20-year, is a little deeper and has a little more bite, its complex and multi-layered with tones of caramel, vanilla and a hint coffee.

Personally, the 12-year is my preferred bottle – it’s just so amazingly smooth. The flavour is a total experience and when partnered with a spherical ice ball it will hit the spot of any rum lover. When describing Dictador to friends I often compare it to the Guatemalan made Ron Zacapa, putting it like this – I enjoy a Zacapa 15yr in my rum old fashioned, I wouldn’t dare mix Dictador rum with anything but ice, and even then it has to be a crystal clear spherical iceball.

ps: It didn’t surprise me that their advertising is as slick as their rum


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