5 Great Date Ideas Melbourne (For All Budgets)

This is the second in a series that seeks Australian cities’ best date ideas. Melbournians, you’re fortunate that you live in the cultural capital of the country. However this is a double-edged sword; if you choose a lacking date destination, even with the depth of choice the city has to offer, then you’re just a slack partner. Whether it’s your first date or one of many with said lucky lad or lady, these 5 excellent date ideas in Melbourne are sure to be a winner. Here’s how to step it up from your average ‘dinner and a movie’ combo.

5 Excellent Date Ideas Melbourne

Bounce Inc., Glen Iris

New studies show that bouncing can increase blood flow and endorphins, both excellent allies in your quest to the perfect date.

Bounce Inc. has taken Australia by storm, but their shed at Glen Iris was the first. And it’s more than just a few trampolines. The park includes obstacle courses, slam dunk competitions, and foam pits for all your fun needs. With sessions selling out regularly, it’s essential to book ahead.

Rough cost: $17 per person.

Ideal time spent: Sessions are 1 hour. If you’re not tired by the end, you didn’t bounce hard enough.

Learn To Salsa, Melbourne City

What’s sexier than salsa? Well, I’ll leave that to your imagination. The point is that salsa is a quickfire way to increase attraction or re-spark a bit of lost passion.

The Salsa Foundation isn’t a charity but it is very generous with FREE beginner sessions. No experience is necessary and if your date cancels you can ride solo. With authentic Spanish music and moves in the heart of Melbourne, you’re bound for a good time. Once again, booking is essential.

Rough cost: FREE.

Ideal time spent: 1 hour.

Melbourne Planetarium, Spotswood

There’s nothing more romantic than a starry night sky. The Melbourne Planetarium has perfected the beauty of the cosmos with their simulated displays.

Although science may not be for everyone, there’s something about the stars that makes everyone’s jaw drop. Located in the Scienceworks museum, the planetarium features a 16m dome ceiling, reclining seats, a 7.1 surround sound system, and a full projection system. A nice step-up from your average movie cinema.

Rough cost: $45 per person.

Ideal time spent: Shows are 3 hours. Get comfy.

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Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne City

You probably didn’t need me or this list to tell you that Queen Victoria Market is a staple of good date ideas in Melbourne. Like any market, the Queen Victoria offers a flood of options for the senses – taste or otherwise. But unlike other markets, this one is the largest open-air market not just in Australia, but in the Southern Hemisphere.

Wednesday nights at the Market have long been the obvious choice for the best time for food. The annual Summer Market opens on the 21st of November and is sure to promise its usual array of cultural dishes.

Rough cost: Entry is free. How much you spend is up to you.

Ideal time spent: 1-4 hours.

Attica Restaurant, Ripponlea

This article is for all budgets, so let’s go for the most premium of date ideas. Melbourne is home to Australia’s best restaurants, and Attica has long been considered among the best of the best. The 2019 Good Food Guide Awards agreed, with Attica receiving 3 hats – the most coveted of ratings.

This pursuit of excellence isn’t stopping any time soon. The restaurant believes that ‘eating at Attica is a commitment of time and money.’ This is time and money well spent with an unmatched array of delicious and rare ingredients and – of course – the finest wines from Australia and abroad.

Rough cost: $295 per person.

Ideal time: 3 hours.


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