Sustainability in design is no longer a category on its own – instead, every element of design should now involve a level of sustainability, whether it be architecture, urban, landscape…or in this case, industrial. This wonderful lamp is the result of Australian designer Tom Allen teaming up with Spanish eco-design company Lucirmas.

The Dama Table Lamp well and truly ticks all the ‘green’ boxes with its upcycled, recyclable, sustainable materials. The design was conceived in early 2012 as part of the Salon Internazionale Del Mobile (a world wide design event), and is now commercially available online and in stores across the world. Made in Barcelona, the lamp consists of recycled  5 Litre glass oil (or wine) bottles, places over a beech timber base with the whole piece illuminated by a low energy Plumen lightbulb, guaranteed for an amazing 8 year lifespan.

Often the most interesting and impressive aspects of design are the ones which involve everyday commonalities used in a unique and beautiful way. This isn’t the first ever light to be placed in a bottle, however the piece as a whole reflects a thorough and intricate understanding of form and function.

You can purchase the Dama Lamp here

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