Dad Fashion: A Lesson In Faux Sporting Finesse

It’s likely you’ve noticed the recent emergence of ‘Dad Fashion’ as the latest youthful fashion trend. Kids these days won’t listen to their Father but they’ll sure as shit dress like him. And far be it from me to speculate on ones reasoning to dress like Clark Griswold, I believe there is a connection between young males dressing like Dads, and young female’s new obsession with calling everyone except their actual Father “Daddy”.

Dad Fashion Chevy Chase

All of this aside, I believe it is possible to co-ordinate a sprinkle of Dad jawnz into your everyday wardrobe whilst remaining well put together. There is, however, a fine line between the aforementioned and looking like either you shop exclusively from bargain bins, are the 40 year old virgin, or the enigma himself – Shia. 

The following is a list of do’s and don’ts concerning Dad fashion.

The Dad Hat

This has been around for ever, but only recently has it been officially labeled as such. The Dad hat is a big, big yes from us. Throw it on with some circular framed sunglasses and an appropriately co-ordinated shirt and you’re off and running with flawless Father finesse. Obviously TVG sells one which you can purchase here.

Former Faux Sporting, College and Mechanically Relevant Attire

Any item of clothing somewhat linked to a sport your own father is, or was passionate about (preferably at a University) is a win, especially if it’s actually vintage. Golf, Sailing and 80’s Track & Field items reign supreme here for their formerly technical attributes. Those experienced in this category catapult there Dad steeze with sweat or salt stained pieces from defunct construction companies, agriculture businesses or the creme de la creme, marine engine mechanics.


The Fisherman Jacket

Once again, the fisherman jacket is no fresh face. For years it has been championed by over-enthusiastic rugby sideline Dads who, for whatever reason, have never figured out which game the ref was actually watching. Available in all kinds of colours, it can top off almost any brisk day attire. Once again it’s an easy yes, and your passport to looking like a poppin’ Papa.

Honourable mentions go to the vintage pastel windbreaker, and the turtle neck – but be warned, these less entry-level choices can easily back fire on the inexperienced. Now, to the flipside of this 2c piece sitting in the coin pouch of your Dad’s 12 year old wallet.

Baggy Chinos/Khakis

In short, even Dr Dre gave up on this look. Ill-fitting pants are never good, and they absolutely never will be. I am of the opinion (and if yours differs, you’re wrong) that every pair of pants should have a legally implemented restriction on length, as well as width additional to what is required to fit your leg in them. I don’t want to see 3/4 pants, and I don’t want to see you fraying the back of your Big W jeans under the heal of your all-white New Balance orthopaedics. Tailors aren’t just for suits, they’re for everything – now you just have to buy pants worth altering.

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Controversial opinion incoming; Balenciaga Triple S look like Sketchers for club feet. There is nothing wrong with some New Balance 574s if you’re looking to carefully curate some old man vibes – but for the love of god cut it out with the try-hard Dad sneakers. Air Max 98s are a dad sneaker worth wearing, not these $1400 travesties.

Dishonourable mentions go to the oversized dress shirt that shouldn’t be worn casually, as well as not-short-enough-but-also-not-long-enough white ankle socks.

Just remember; you can make anything work in Dad fashion, but people like me will still stare at you for an awkward amount of time if you try too hard to be dad cool. The whole point of the style is effortlessness bordering on laziness, so don’t take it too seriously.

If you’re looking to take your dad fashion to the next level we suggest shopping at Grailed.

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