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The Jaguar XKSS is most famous for it’s love affair with ‘The King of Cool’, Mr Steve McQueen. Only 25 were made, a road legal version of the Type D racing car. McQueen first saw his Jaguar XKSS parked on a studio lot on Sunset Boulevard, back when it originally belonged to Bill Leyden (a local LA radio/television personality). McQueen bought the Jag from him for $5,000 in 1958 and enjoyed driving it right until the very end.

British Racing Green
5 Speed Manual
3.8 litre
00264 miles showing
A$ 219,995

With their withdrawal from racing in 1955 Jaguar began to offer their unfinished and unsold chassis from their D-type race car as a road going version named the XKSS. Adding a passenger door and seat and removing the divider in the centre and a full chrome surround windscreen and the roadster XK was created. Full side screens were also added and a folding soft top for weather protection.

This wonderful tribute was handcrafted in Holland in 1983. Finished in BRG with superb high quality black leather trim and black folding soft top, the car looks fantastic. Rumoured to have been commissioned for a very large oil corporation, the build was done in two stages between Holland and the UK by two craftsmen in the different countries, each skilled in their own right, one specializing in coach work and the other in the running gear. The body had been constructed in high grade fibre glass with the use of the correct rivets in place to give the authentic look with all the correct external components used for the lighting and bumpers. The car runs a beautifully built Jaguar 3.8 litre straight six with triple Webber carburettors.

The car found its way down under in 94 when an employee of the corporation was sent to WA to purchase another oil company. Sold to a private collector in 96 it remained in his care until now. During the time he had custody of the car he and his full time mechanic set about improving the chassis for better handling. In 2008 they set about the task and made several modifications improving the rigidity of the car and completed a full body of restoration in the process. It has now been unveiled once more and this cat is ready for a new home.

Source: Classic Throttle Shop


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