The Notorious Conor McGregor

“I want to whoop ass and look good.”

If we look back at the UFC in 2015, it’s fair to say that the two biggest names were Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor. Maybe Rousey is the bigger name? Either way, McGregor won each of his three fights in 2015, taking his record to 19-2, and solidifying him as the best in his weight division (and come Sunday perhaps the best across multiple weight divisions).

After Rousey got knocked out at UFC 193, attention shifted back to the males of the UFC, mainly McGregor and the featherweight division. The long winded lead up to UFC 194, specifically Aldo pulling out from the fight with a rib injury, allowed McGregor to confidently run his mouth (as he does). Some approved, some did not. Either way it built the hype, and that hype filled the stands and the pubs around the world.


Aldo is considered one of the greatest fighters to ever enter the Octagon, and after a mere 13 seconds he was on the ground. The fight was over and McGregor barely broke a sweat. Luck or not, after this the Irishman was more a household name than ever.

His success in the Octagon has brought him millions of dollars, and he is more than happy embracing the good life, and discussing it with his fellow fighters. His Instagram thenotoriousmma consists only of his training and his luxury lifestyle.

Following the Aldo fight he went out and got himself a drop top Rolls-Royce. See him here driving around blasting Mariah Carey. I would be doing the same if I’d just won the main card at the UFC event that drew the largest audience in the history of the sport. As if the Rolls wasn’t enough, he splashed out another $500k on a Lamborghini Aventador. His two new cars cap off a nice collection featuring a BMW i8, Mercedes Benz S-Class and some others.


If you thinking he’s no better than Floyd Mayweather, showing off his cars and lifestyle and rubbing it in all of our faces. He doesn’t seem to think he is, according to him…

“I’m not trying to rub it in posting these,” McGregor claims. “We don’t even have these at home. I am blessed. I celebrate and reward each of these good moments with more hard work and effort. And through this I receive more good moments.”

More so than cars Conor McGregor loves a custom suit. Hand-woven tweed, windowpane, bows ties, pocket squares or even a three piece. Showing off or not, that’s just how he is. He will always take the opportunity to wear a suit. Maybe it’s all part of his success, look good, feel good, fight good.

If you give me have a chance to wear a suit, I’m going to come in with a custom suit made from scratch, straight from the fabric, fitted perfectly on my fantastic physique.



So what if he is rubbing it all in? He has worked hard to get to where he is. One thing remains, McGregor is loyal to his home country of Ireland and to his many fans.

UFC 196 is this Sunday, McGregor will be fighting Nate Diaz. He was previously matched up against Rafael Dos Anjos who pulled out due to injury.




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