Concorde May Fly Again!

Phenomenal news!

Concorde, one of only two commercial supersonic jets ever created, may take to the skies again if an ambitious and dedicated crew of enthusiasts is successful in bringing it back from retirement. Concorde Club, as the group is called, with around £160 million, wants to purchase two planes located in Paris airports. The first would be turned into a £16-a-person tourist attraction,to be located near the London Eye ferris wheel on the waterfront of the River Thames featuring a restaurant with meals originally served on Concorde flights.

The more ambitious initiative is to purchase the second plane, have it restored, and get it in the air once more. Concorde Club president Paul James is aiming to resume flights by 2019 via private charter, while the tourist attraction would be opened around 2017 if all goes according to plan. Meanwhile a number of other aviation companies that have begun toying with the idea of supersonic flights. Airbus is looking into a “Concorde Mark 2” supersonic jet that would ferry passengers between New York and London in an hour.

Source: The Verge


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