Clynelish 14 A Whisky Worth Talking About

The Clynelish 14 has been the find of the year for me so far. Rarely talked about against other big brands but delivers on all fronts. The price is spot on for a whisky big on flavour, which is probably why James chose it for last year’s Paper Plates degustation.

A relatively young distillery, opening in 1967 though it traces its roots all the way back to the 19th century. In its earlier carnation, Clynelish was the most sort after single malt on the market. Today it is a very popular whisky of choice for master blenders. In fact, some of the great Johnnie Walker whiskies contain Clynelish including the Gold Label and the much sought after Blue Label Limited Edition titled Ghost and Rare. Not to be confused with the standard Blue Label.

Clynelish 14

But to savour what this distillery is all about you really need to get stuck into their single malts and the Clynelish 14 is the perfect place to start. Australian consumers expect to pay anywhere between $85-$95 for a 700ml. A whisky of this ilk doesn’t get any cheaper. So let’s get stuck into the notes.


At first whiff, there is passing smoke which dissipates quickly giving way to burnt sugar, floral and waxy notes. They combine really well to offer a unique nosing experience.


Fruity sweetness and touch of lemon zest come in early. Midpalate spice notes start to flourish in the form of cinnamon.


In whisky finish generally tends to be very similar to the midpalate experience. Though in the case of Clynelish 14 new flavours of honey and gentle oak notes round out the great experience.


If you want a great whisky experience without breaking the bank Clynelish 14 is a very safe bet.

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