Clinique for Men Launch New Video Campaign

Clinique has been in the men’s skincare game for years, 30 years to be precise. During this time their products have remained understated, letting their quality and practicality shine through the clutter that exists in today’s men’s grooming world. To celebrate this milestone Clinique for Men have had a subtle yet modern rebranding – in addition they’ve also produced a series of how-to videos, guiding the everyday gent in his quest for perfect skin.

The simplicity of Clinique’s approach to their range is what stands out for me; the products do what they say without the trickery or confusing dermatological jargon of other products. Men and their health/skin routines can be an interesting topic of conversation, and by interesting I mean they don’t usually happen. With the men’s beauty industry booming it’s time to shake off those worries and get real about your skin health. If you’re not comfortable chatting to your mates about whether you exfoliate before you moisturize then be sure to watch Clinique’s series of helpful videos below to get some great tips and start your own routine.

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