Christian Kimber – Federation Collection

This week, Christian Kimber launched his second collection of luxury footwear in Melbourne. The collection is inspired by the iconic Federation Square buildings, in the city centre.

‘It’s not just the aesthetics that inspired me; it’s the beauty of the light play, the innovation of the structure and the historical narrative behind it. It’s all of those things and the relevance of them to the experience I’m trying to create.’ says Kimber.

The collection boasts his signature Cumulus, Byron, Siglo and Lorne designs in shades of blue, tan and grey, mirroring the glass and sandstone facade of Federation Square. The colourways are all limited release with only 30 pairs having been made in each style.

As with all Christian’s creations, the materials are second to none, and the new range is made from supersoft and effortlessly wearable nubuck, that looks velvet in the light.

Tre Samuels is the other welcome addition to the lookbook. At just seventeen years old, Samuels’ name and trade-mark curly locks have already been cemented in the modelling world – having been named MVP at Paris Fashion Week this year after walking for Dior Homme, Burberry, Valentino, and Yeezy Season 3. Samuels is a personal friend of Kimber, and this is the second time the pair have collaborated in this way.

Also available for the first time, the Cumulus hightop in all-white grain calf leather, part of a growing range of Christian Kimber essentials.

The Federation Square collection is available online at and in selected international retailers including Harrolds, Australia and Barneys, New York.

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