Chivas Regal Announces 50-Year-Old Whisky To Celebrate Manchester United’s 1968 European Cup Victory

Manchester United’s European Cup win of 1968 was anything but ordinary.

The game marked ten years since the dreary 1958 night upon which the lives of eight players, three staff members, eight journalists, two crew members and two other passengers were lost on a dark, snowy runway in Bavaria.

The game day of May 29th, 1968, marked the beginning of a change in fate for Manchester United. Hard work and a desire to overcome a dark past drove the squad to become the first English team to lift the European Cup trophy. The team defeated Benfica 4-1 at Wembley to lay the foundations that would see English teams crowned champions of Europe on eleven occasions since.

Now it’s been 50 years since the memorable game with United’s four heroic goals and Chivas Regal, the “Official Spirits Partner” of the team, is celebrating with four commemorative 50-year-old bottles. The four bottles mark the oldest Scotch whisky to ever be released by the House of Chivas.

Unfortunately for those hoping to get their hands on a bottle, all bottles except for one come with a pre-destined fate. One bottle will be showcased at the Chivas Brothers Strathisla distillery in Speyside, Scotland, home of Chivas Regal whisky. Another will be placed in the Manchester United museum, and sold privately at the end of the season, with the proceeds going to the team’s foundation. A third will be gifted to a passionate Manchester United fan with details on the drawing to follow on the team’s social media platforms.

Only one bottle will be available to the general public, to be sold through an auction with Sotheby’s soon to take place between the dates of the 23rd to the 30th of November. With a single bottle to be sold, the final price tag is likely to be quite heavy though for a good cause as all auction proceeds will be put into the Manchester United Foundation to aid young people in creating a better life with football coaching, educational programmes and personal development.

The Dartington Crystal decanters feature a metal plaque adorned with the victory of 1968 on the bottle’s crest, painted in the colours of the team uniform.

According to Chivas Regal, ‘the liquid is perfectly smooth with an intense concentration of sumptuous flavours, with rich notes of honey, vanilla and dark chocolate, balanced by subtle hazelnut influences from the cask that develop into an exceptionally long, lingering finish.’

Here’s to a winning team and what is bound to be a winning Chivas Regal whisky.

On another note, Australia’s best whisky has just launched a very achievable $65 bottle.

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