Château du Coudreceau: A Gorgeous Golfing Experience

For the cultured among us, you would know that château literally translates to castle in English. The 18th century Château du Coudreceau, built by the bourgeois Francois Seurrat du Colombier, is a testament to this translation.

Seven spacious bedrooms, an indoor pool, a fully functioning, centuries-old bar and cellar, a feature fountain in the driveway, and a natural garden make for an exceptional French countryside escape. And if one grows tired of Château du Coudreceau’s inner trappings, they can always have a swing on the entirely private, fully serviced 14-hole golf course.

In recent years, Château du Coudreceau underwent considerable renovation and restoration that also improved on the course’s appearance and versatility. Hawtree Designs, the Arnold Palmer Design Company, and Paul McGinley Designs combined forces to turn what was once an expansive beekeeping and silkworm farm into a luscious and tranquil course. Who knew people preferred golf over insects?

The best view is always at dusk. A welcoming drive into what one would be an excellent few days of golf and luxury.

An expansive restorative team has worked tirelessly on both the Château itself and its huge backyard. Courses this green and this lush unfortunately do not come naturally.

The accented colours of the Rooms in the Château du Coudreceau are vibrant and engaging. Even the drapes look comfortable.

Not a bad morning view – enjoying a cup of coffee and visualising the swings for the big day ahead.

The theme of luxury continues with rich golds and deep browns. An excellent spot to rest those tired shoulders.

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It’s true that most 18th century French castles and villas did not include a chlorine-infused indoor pool. However, a series of refurbishments and modernisations have allowed Château du Coudreceau to keep up with the times. Not pictured: a dedicated spa and fitness area.

What is a château without a beckoning underground cellar? Smells like rich whisky and rich mahogany.

The mellow lake is one of the many defining features of the course. Native trees scatter the greenery, offering a slight challenge to the private players.

For more info head to the Château du Coudreceau website.


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