Casas Portugal – Contemporary Sister Hideaways

Casas Portugal is an exemplar of beautiful restoration. Once on the brink of ruin, management has refurbished and reconstructed these two houses to create a truly perfect European getaway. Casas Portugal describes their holiday homes as ‘minimal and inviting at the same time,’ and it’s easy to understand why. Both homes’ aesthetics begin with a base of pure white, intermingling with the intense blue skies and dense greenery of Algarve’s foothills. Both spots were designed by Pedro Domingos Arquitectos.

Casa Luum

Casa Luum is enshrouded by the gentle nature of the local olive, almond, and cork trees. Pedro Domingos’ design perfectly balances the swaying fragility of the greenery by utilising white walls and concrete in order to create a bold presence.

Space is the emphasis at Casa Luum. Large windows and doors allow the often-steamy weather of the Continent to flow easily through, while rooftop terraces, patios, and a large central courtyard allow for the easy movement of guests throughout the property. For materials other than the stable white concrete, builders sourced local wood for doors, windows, and shutters, as well as natural stone for the pool, kitchen, sinks, and benches.

The home includes four bedrooms, ideal for up to seven guests. Each of these bedrooms is spacious, minimalist, and refined in appearance. Various woods and textiles ground the angelic white aesthetic basing and create a feeling of true serenity and relaxed vacation.

Casas Portugal 7

Casas Portugal 2

Casas Portugal 3

Casas Portugal 4

Casas Portugal 5

Casa Agostos

Casa Agostos is the slightly smaller nearby sister holiday house of Casa Luum, located just moments away from the picturesque village of Santa Bárbara de Nexe. The home features three bedrooms, ideal for six guests, as well as a recent extension that features a large living area with a fireplace. This new wing is connected to the old by a central entrance area, creating an effortless and seamless flow.

While Casa Agostos’ interior is just as visually appealing as Casa Luum, the smaller of the pair entices guests to spend most of their time outdoors. The 15-meter pool in the front yard defines the borders of the property while also providing the opportunity to soak in the serene natural views of the local area.

Casas Portugal 8

Casas Portugal 9

Casas Portugal 10

For more information, including booking times and prices, see Casas Portugal’s website.

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