Canon EOS 6D Premium Kit Review

Photography is something we’re very particular about at TVG and whenever we have the opportunity we try to capture our own images for our articles – this year it’s been with the Canon EOS 6D Premium Kit. I’m not an expert on digital photography but I can tell you after using a number of competing brands and products (across different categories) that the 6D and 24-105mm F4L Series lens is the most capable piece of kit I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.


Throughout the year we’ve used the 6D to shoot travel, menswear, watches, whisky, barbers, products, cars and more – there’s really nothing it can’t shoot. There’s so many reasons why this camera impresses me and the first is how it makes me feel as a photographer. Tom and I often joke that you cannot take a bad photo on it, which of course is not the case, knowledge of using a DSLR’s manual features is obviously recommended but this combo takes the most beautiful, crisp, full-frame images even in low light, and it makes you feel so accomplished!

Even if your knowledge of shutter speed, aperture and ISO is limited (or non-existant) this camera will deliver you better photos than you have ever taken on any camera you’ve ever owned. Shooting at low light is where this camera and lens really shine. With the camera’s ISO range of 100-25600 and the image stability and wide aperture provided by the lens it makes the need for a flash virtually redundant, shooting naturally lit images with ease. Sharing the images is even easier, the inbuilt Wifi and Canon EOS App link your smartphone and the camera instantly allowing you to scroll through your photos, save the ones you like and upload to your social accounts on the spot – something we’ve found immensely helpful this year!


As full frame DSLRs go this is a very tasty package, even when compared to its bigger more expensive brother the 5D. If you’re still yet to be convinced here’s a review from photography opinion maker Ken Rockwell who has tried and tested literally every modern day camera and lens ever made. If you are serious or you want to get serious about photography save your money until you have $3099 to buy the Canon EOS 6D Premium Kit. You will not be disappointed.

You can buy it for $3099 here



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