Bulova Chronograph Worn On The Moon Up For Sale

Recently a Bulova Chronograph wristwatch that accompanied Commander David Scott to the moon on Apollo 15 has come up for auction. Normally you would expect to see the name Omega associated with NASA as the Speedmaster Professional was the standard issue for the Apollo Program. So why was Scott wearing the Bulova Chronograph on the moon? At the request of a friend and without authorisation from NASA, Scott agreed to evaluate the timepiece for the manufacturer. After noticing the crystal had popped off his Omega he turned to the Bulova Chronograph for the third and final lunar surface traverse.



The Chronograph comes with the NASA issued velcro strap, some images of Scott wearing the watch and a detailed letter of authenticity. The minimum bid for the watch is $50,000 USD and who knows how much higher that price could go.


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