Bubba Watson’s Golf Hovercraft

It’s rare I see something and say to myself ‘I have to write about this tonight’, fortunately for the readers of The Versatile Gent when I saw Bubba Watson’s newly created golf hovercraft I knew it was something people had to see immediately. I watched the video yesterday morning at 9am and it had just over 2000 views, when I sat down to write this last night some 8 hours later it had amassed 338,000 – this is going to be huge!

In a collaboration with Oakley, Bubba Watson has created a prototype golf hovercraft for getting around the golf course in immense style and sheer boss like fashion. BW1 features all the trimmings of your average golf cart except it floats above the fairway, water hazard or green just like Jesus. For a man who was nicknamed after a professional footballer he’s already made a serious name for himself in the golfing community taking the 2012 Masters Tournament – surely this Hovercraft will boost his credibility to ‘God like’ status.

Finally for those that might be jealous of his Hovercraft let me remind you of the timepiece that adorns his left wrist, the Richard Mille RM038, a magnesium alloy manually wound tourbillon designed especially to counteract the G force of Bubba’s swing – yours for $525,000 (if you can find one). Now tell me another gentleman that has two cooler pieces of kit!

Watch Image Source: Professional Watches


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