Bose SoundTrue Headphones

In the last decade we’ve seen a lot of lot of newcomers enter the headphone segment – particularly the Over (or Around) Ear category. Once upon a time Over Ear headphones represented the very best in personal sound. Unfortunately as new brands entered the market and cost of production decreased so did the quality, as brands jostled to keep prices competitive. Enter Bose.

As you are well aware Bose is a brand name synonymous with quality and design, a brand many of us have held in high regard since we were teenagers. Recently the brand launched a range of Audio headphones, building on the success of their Quiet Comfort Noise cancelling range chosen by frequent flyers and travel enthusiasts. The SoundTrue Range is the perfect balance of lightweight comfort and pure sound performance, delivered at a great price.


The all black design is subtle and stylish, allowing the performance of the product to take centre stage. Across a variety of genres the Bose SoundTrue headphones deliver solid performance with crisp highs and rich lows. Bass levels are impressive, even with the headphones at full volume distortion is absent. Vocals across hip hop and dance genres are rarely overshadowed by the bass with sculpted highs and strong mid presence. 


The SoundTrue are incredibly light for their size and fold flat into their soft carry pouch. In use the headphones are noticeably unimposing with next to no inward pressure on your ears or head, easily their biggest selling point in my opinion. The detachable cable features a microphone and volume controls for phone calls on the run and most importantly can be replaced if the cord is damaged or the plug is broken.


In this price range the Bose SoundTrue is an attractive and solid offering building on the brand’s reputation for quality. Both lifestyle and travel users will find the performance and lightweight construction appealing for extended periods of use.

Bose are currently holding a competition where you could win a $20,000 grant to support the development of your unique talent. All you have to do is head on over here and submit a demonstration of your talent. A winner will be selected weekly, before the competition closes on 17th September for final judging.



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