BONN Handmade Ties and Accessories

Based On Norwegian Nature, otherwise known as BONN, is a Norwegian accessories brand specialising in handmade ties. Brothers Morten and Maren brought the brand to life in 2013 after familiarising themselves with sewing techniques through creating their own clothes and skiing apparel. The brothers source fabrics from England and Italy and turn them into ties, ribbons, lapel pins and handkerchiefs, all hand made in Norway with an emphasis on craftsmanship and quality.

The range is predominately silk, both raw and Shantung finishes, on offer in Macclesfield prints and block colours with 8cm wide blades. Additionally BONN also sells silk knits which are no doubt imported from Italy. Prices start at around $90 for knits and up to $190 for the 6 folds. Check them out here:






James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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