Bond & Knight Wallet for The Versatile Gent

Here we have a gorgeous handmade TVG branded wallet from the gentlemen at Bond & Knight. At TVG we have a penchant for delightful accessories and the moment I saw the offerings from Bond & Knight I knew they’d be a perfect fit for our first collaboration product. The wallet arrived on Monday night and it’s quite striking. The leather is phenomenal and shows a lot of character. It’s a unique product and that’s the first thing everyone notices when they see it, “it’s so different!” Bond & Knight pay hommage to the original craftsmen of the leather trade and stay true to their quality control always. Every wallet is handmade by Guy Knight and contains no stitching, held together by it’s redesigned 1940’s folded wallet style construction.

This is what Guy has to say about his products:

“Essentially, I redesigned a 1940’s folded wallet design, I tried to remain true to the vintage style but added a few changes such as the two vertical card slots, lining in suede and the center piece. It took about 6 months of designing to get everything perfect.

Each and every wallet is handmade by me, I do not use any automated machines or processes. I spend a day every fortnight selecting and cutting every hide I use, the leather is the highest grade naturally tanned Italian Leather. When it comes to leather, for me veg tanned Italian leather which has been tanned the old fashioned way is the only choice. A lot of leather products use a more processed leather which will not change in shade or colour over time and will look the best as the day its purchased, my leather will age with you, it develops a much richer and deeper colour the more it is worn and with the correct care will just look better and better as time goes on. My wallet is so well worn it reflects like glass now!

As far as the construction goes, every single step is completed by hand, and each wallet is totally different – the cutting and folding all depending on the thickness of the leather. We use a minimum of materials, all sourced in England from local business, and essentially the wallet is held together by its own origami design, and just two small bonded sections on the insides of the card slots. The centre image is the same quality leather as the wallet, and where we’ve used a design like the pin-up girls we’ve developed a special printing mechanism with a local leather company, enabling us to print directly onto high quality leather (we dont’ know of anyone else able to do this at the moment).

A lot of time and care goes into each wallet as you can imagine, and on the rare occassion that the wallet just doesn’t go together properly, it doesn’t go out and we start again!”

It’s an unusual feeling wanting something to age, there’s not many things you can buy that you want to get older – this is a clear exception. Not only is it an accessory to mark the start of our TVG journey its one that will accompany me in everything I do and will share my experiences and mature with me. It’s a truly beautiful thing and one that I will be chuffed to carry with me everyday for as long as it lasts.

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James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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