Although BOMBERG launched in 2013, it didn’t enter our radar until this year, when it launched in Australia. The young Swiss watch company set out with a goal to reinterpret, and completely overturn classic watchmaking rules, producing rebellious, innovative and provocative timepieces. I was initially quite dismissive of the brand, fearing they’d focused on nothing more than audacious styling. From photos they appeared to be brash, and unappealing to my own tastes, but that changed when I saw one in the flesh.



BOMBERG’s first model, 1968, represents the roots of the brand, characterised by an atypical and unconventional design, offered in both a 39mm and 44mm size. Their second model, the Bolt-68 really put the brand on the map, combining the brand’s bold styling with an innovative and exciting stop watch feature. My first hands on interaction with the Bolt-68, was when I noticed Sid from Bridge and Barrel wearing one whilst on a trip to Melbourne earlier this year. He saw me eyeing it off, trying to understand it from a far, before taking it off and passing it over to me. Once it was in my hands I was intrigued by the design, and surprised at how well it was built. I was quick to trial its most unique feature, its ability to transform into a pocket watch. Using an innovative bayonet system with a trigger guard (an exclusive system patented by BOMBERG) the time-keeping module can be detached from its base and attached to a metal chain to be transformed into a masculine pocket watch.

Bomberg Watches Transforming

BOMBERG Bolt Transforming

At the circa $1500 price point, I was convinced that the mechanism would be an afterthought – I couldn’t have been more wrong. The process of detaching the head from the stainless steel case is smooth, firm and feels solidly put together, much like changing a lens on a DSLR. The placement of the crown and stop watch functionality replicates that of the classic vintage ‘Bullhead’ chronographs positioned above the 12 for ease of use in both the stopwatch and wristwatch application. Inside, BOMBERG watches utilise a mix of quartz and mechanical movements from various manufacturers including Rhonda, Sellita and Concepto.

Bomberg Watches Christmas

BOMBERG Bolt-68 Quartz Chronograph

The company’s ethos is bold, aggressive, and champions non-conformity and masculinity, and there’s no arguing that the products reflect said ethos to a tee. Combinations of bright colours against black, textured steels, complex dials and branded straps, along with thick cases, ensure all BOMBERG watches makes statement. The black PVD cases, detailed case backs and contrast stitched vintage leather straps give the watches a real sense of quality, like every aspect has been considered. Even the rubber strap is beautifully designed and is an absolute pleasure to wear on the wrist (my pick of the straps for sure!)

Bomberg Bolt

I throughly admire BOMBERG’s direction, unique design and disruptive nature, but what impresses me even more is the value. Considering the patented innovation, the materials, the attention to detail and overall build quality, it’s impossible to dismiss BOMBERG as both a perfect starting point, or addition to any watch collection.

BOMBERG Bolt Automatic

Automatic 47mm Chronograph

Bomberg Watches Christmas

Bolt-68 Skull Badass.

BOMBERG is available at Gregory Jewellers (available at Bankstown, Blacktown, Highpoint and online), Salera’s Jewellmasters, Wamada Jewellery and Vintage Watch Co.

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