Bodyweight Training – The Awakening by Primal Sydney

Bodyweight Training is the top fitness trend for 2015. We argue this is more of an awakening! The day has finally come in which people are choosing movement over muscle.

“There is a best way of doing everything”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

The body was made to move. As babies and young children, we are extremely flexible. We are designed to be agile. Most of us lose this given ability as we grow older, choosing to blame our environment. We ask what are you really doing to reverse this trend?

Spending an hour in the gym doing bicep curls?


We fear you might be missing the mark. Training for muscle in our opinion will only get you so far. We all train to progress and this should involve a careful analysis of training protocols, as you  may find, that you are leaving something on the table with your training. If you’re training for ‘Muscle,’ frankly you’re leaving a lot on the table.

We are firm believers in cause and effect.

Training purely to ‘look good,’ is not a complete waste of time, it has its advantages, but one must surely come to realise that training for vanity will only produce exactly that. For a number of years we would meet at the gym every morning, and mercilessly train back, chest and bi’s. Yes we loved doing so, but this all wains in comparison to the feeling of a PB lift, a first muscle up or handstand hold. In our experiences movement trumps muscles. Hands down!

Getting our first taste of a more ‘train to achieve,’ mindset was so much more fulfilling. From standard gym training we have since moved our focus towards bodyweight training, yoga and olympic lifting.


We have been inspired by many along the way but in particular we want to mention Marcus Bondi. We first came across Marcus, at the old calisthenics park in Bondi, Marcus is very progressed with his level of bodyweight strength.


We were blown away by the fact that Marcus turns 50 this year. Seriously Marcus looks 30, this may have something to do with him soaking in enough vitamin D for the whole of Sydney, or that he has actually trained consistently for 30 years.

We know where we’d rather be at 50. Going for reps of one arm chin ups with 20kgs in my other hand, or…. struggling to tie your shoes.

Our new methods offer an excellent solution, they allow for constant progression. Moving a weight 30 cms with the intention for muscle growth is very limited as what happens when you have. Where do you go? Do we put on more, or stop.

There are diminishing returns towards training for muscle. We believe that it’s quite the opposite to ‘train to achieve’ movements. What happens after you have achieved a handstand. Well you will be presented with a huge number of potential new movement goals.


“The real value in setting goals is not in their achievement. The acquisition of the things you want is strictly secondary. The major reason for setting goals is to compel you to become the person it takes to achieve them.”
– Jim Rohn

We have implemented our training regime completely around strict goal setting protocols. The feeling of then going on to hold a 1 minute handstand, when you have set that intention is amazing.

Consistently having something to aim for is important and this goes beyond training. Setting a goal and receiving feedback everyday on the way towards the achievement of that goal is something we wish for everyone. It’s simply a great way to live.

On this, its important to set your goals quite far out of your reach. This is where you can begin to test your character, who you are as a person.

Don’t take our word for it, set yourself a movement goal and dedicate your energy to achieve it. You will be surprised at how many other things in your life fall into place.

Take control and make the switch. Movement Over Muscle!

Primal Sydney
Ben & Drew Slater

Primal Sydney

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