Bobby Antwar Interview on His Collaboration with Cotton On

Bobby Antwar Interview

In what many would consider a bold, yet very astute move by fast-fashion powerhouse Cotton On, they’ve recently partnered with Hypebeast to launch a new range entitled – Among Equals. Undoubtedly, streetwear has gained ongoing momentum over the past few decades, taking inspiration from within the realms of hip hop, skate culture as well having a strong affinity with the sneaker scene globally. Cotton On’s latest range pays homage to this burgeoning movement, creating a range that fuses a utility inspire colour palette with a 90s silhouette. We recently caught up with the Copenhagen based photographer Bobby Anwar who shot the campaign, discussing everything from his craft, street culture as well as the range itself.

TVG: Why did you want to get involved in the Hypebeast x Among Equals Cotton On project?

BA: Obviously Hypebeast is a huge platform for everything related to style and fashion and Cotton On is a well known worldwide brand, so when I got approached to shoot the look book for the new Among Equals line, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to be part of it.

Why was it important to have the campaign shoot in Auckland?

I wanted to shoot the campaign in a place that felt genuine to where Among Equals has originated from and importantly, was inspired by so for me, Auckland was naturally the ideal location.

Tell us about the shoot, any locations you particularly loved?

The shoot went very smooth and efficient. We where all on the same page in regards to setup, style and the overall vibe and that just makes things run smoothly!

How did you get into photography?

I am originally a graphic designer, though I have always been inspired by and drawn to cinematography. I actually didn’t start with photography but video. I had a small camera I started making videos with and it naturally progressed into photography. But the decisive moment I got captured by photography came when I started using Instagram. It changed my perspective and turned photography into a passion.

What makes a great picture?

That’s a hard question with no real answer. For me I a great picture is something that captures my attention right away or makes me stop and take time to take it in. It can be the balance between the subject matter and the backdrop or the contrast between light and dark.

Favourite cities to shoot in?

Definitely New York City. Great for street photography and super pulsating energy 24/7. I could stand at the same spot for hours in the city and get a set of completely different stories. Auckland kind reminded me of NYC.

What is it about that creative medium that inspires you?

The ability to express yourself creatively is liberating. That inspires me. To be able to capture brief moments and create stories inspires me.

What do you think street culture is all about? Why is fashion such an important part of this?

I think street culture is about having a voice, to stand out and be your own. To collect different pieces and create your look, your style or vibe or simply comfort.

Fashion is a statement and therefore goes hand in hand with street culture. Fashion helps the street culture to grow beyond the streets and into the runways.

What are your thoughts on the Among Equals collection?

I love it! I would consider myself to be part of the target audience that A= is aimed at. It’s urban, with small surprises here and there that just makes it stand out from the crowd.

Any highlights in the range? How would you wear them?

Well the bomber jacket goes without saying as one of my personal highlights, combined with a long length t-shirt and hoodie. Also the earth tones used in the range are pretty sick. I’m a fan of the green tones that again blend really well with black.

My outfit would probably be a green bomber jacket, black long tee, black long hoodie, jeans or black joggers paired with my beloved adidas Ultra Boosts! 😉

What does your clothing style say about you?

I think comfortable haha! My nephew recently told me that I can rock a pair of joggers and sweatshirts like it was regular clothing 😉 I take it as a good sign! On the serious note, I love style and clothing and I think I express that when I where something fly.

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