Boat Show 2012 – Azimut 85

As you may have seen on our Facebook page last week, TVG visited the 2012 Boat Show and we went straight to Azimut to see what roughly $8 million will buy you. This Azimut was the second biggest boat in the marina and inspection was via appointment only (naturally), as it was privately owned but up for sale. With boats of this scale it seems that as soon as they hit the water they are for sale as owners want to go bigger and better.

After removing our shoes we met Peter who took us aboard and introduced us to the opulence of the 85 foot home on water. The sheer size of the space is what captures you instantly, we went on a few big boats that day, a 56, 64 and 72 but this was without a doubt the most palatial, something you definitely notice when you make the jump from 70 foot to 80.

I’ll run you through each of these photos as we saw them and Peter explained them. It was quite a tour.

1. The main lounge was as big as my house, Peter told us it can be configured to the buyers specification, ‘that lounge can be on that side’, ‘the kitchen can be there’, ‘that can be round’, ‘basically within the space we can do anything you want and use any material you want’.

2. As he was chatting with Rob I step outside and take a photo down the length of the boat, I notice that deck is completely covered all the way up to the front of the boat, something Peter explains to us later.

3. The controls downstairs, on the far side of the kitchen and next to the stairs down to the cabins.

4. The stairs leading down to the master suite in front, and two of the double cabins on either side. The sheer scale of the stairs was one of the most impressive features of this boat and really captured the scale.

5. The Master Suite. Basically it was a 5 star hotel room as you can see, both sides of the bed had doors leading to a his and hers bathroom with completely separate basins on each side. The master suite is located here because it is the most stable area of the boat, an interesting point we’d never considered.

6. The ensuite was arguably the coolest feature of the boat as it ran as a passage behind the head of the bed. As you can see below the shower/steam room sat at the centre of the passage so it could be accessed by each side of the bathroom that were completely stand alone. All marble and exquisite wood.

7. Looking back up the stairs as we walked out of the master, imagine the view at night. 

8. We were led upstairs via the wide stairwell (no ladders and fiddly bits to climb). The first feature you notice is the spa and crane for jetskis and other toys.

9. The flybridge (standing in front of the spa and looking forward) is absolutely massive, it features a retractable roof, bbq, seating for 12 or so, controls for the captain. Peter then tells us why it feels so big, ‘because the pathways to the front of the deck are covered it gives the flybridge an extra few feet of width and so the space feels dramatically larger than flybridges on other yachts’. He is right on the money. It is so noticeable and intrinsically important as this is were you would spend all your time, an unrivalled feature on the Azimut.

10. We move up to the deck and look back on the boat, it’s hard to explain how big it feels and the camera can’t do it justice. You can only imagine yourself sitting at the table with a couple of mates, sipping a Krug deciding whether to look at the view or the bevy of beauties lying on the lounge in front of you. Surely this is where you truly soak up the joy of owning a boat like this.

We thanked Peter and climbed off onto the marina where we were met with the crowd of punters picking their way through the selection climbing aboard anything they could. Not till then did it really hit me just how awesome the boat really was, the chance to escape it all, with a group of your closest friends and live it up in comfort and luxury whilst be the envy of every man and his dog. A truly awe inspiring experience!

Thanks to Peter Redford at Azimut!


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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