BMW Refuel Drifting M5 To Smash Longest Vehicle Drift Record

When someone breaks your ‘longest vehicle drift in 8 hours’ record achieved in 2013 in a BMW M5, what car do use to reclaim it? The all-new BMW M5 of course.

Johan Schwartz famously obliterated the existing record of 6.94 miles in 2013 by racking up 51.278 miles in a continuous 1 hour and 40min drift before being eclipsed by a number of drivers including Harald Müller in 2014 and Jesse Adams in 2017 (how official these are however isn’t clear).

Instead of putting a bigger fuel tank in the new BMW M5 the team set about engineering a refuelling system that could be initiated on the move from a support car. Naturally, the only car for the job was another M5.

With Johan Schwartz at the helm of the record-breaking car, three hours into the attempt, the first refuel was required. Refuel Driver Matt Mullins and refueler Matt Butts expertly navigated the skid pan and Johan’s drift to slide up behind him and provide him with the necessary juice five times to record a distance of 232.5 miles.

Check it out.

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