BMW Concept Roadster

Seeings as one of our best performing posts of the last 6 months was another BMW Concept, I thought TVG readers might be interested in this phenomenal looking BMW Concept Roadster. Powered by a powerful 2-cylinder boxer engine producing 125hp the motorbike features a single-sided swing arm with cardan drive and a light tubular space frame finished in an eye-catching neon blue.


The compact proportions with low front and high rear form a wedge-shaped silhouette which accelerates the bike even when stationary. The contemporary design allows the fuel tank, seat and radiator to interplay seamlessly, resulting in a gorgeous flowing style. A reduced instrument panel provides all the relevant information in ‘high-end’ style, whilst matted LEDs make up the bike’s dynamic headlamp.

It might not be in stores any time soon, but its certainly proof of exciting things to come from BMW.



James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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