Blaken Timepieces

There’s two things to be said about Rolex, timeless and common. This is not a statement to be loathed and pardon me if you didn’t appreciate my candor but these two factors needn’t be looked at negatively. You see Rolex is famous for producing the Submariner, the most iconic sports watch of all time. Naturally, being an icon, it will be lusted for and will end up on the wrists of many and it will stay there because it is ‘timeless’, in both design and functionality – 99.9% of people couldn’t tell the difference between a Submariner made in the 70’s and one made yesterday. German based Blaken, have taken the iconic and made it individual.

Rolex is a brand thats stands for reliability and quality, Blaken promise they have no desire to change these qualities but to bestow something personal and unique upon a Rolex. Blaken Timepieces are created using two multiple-patented hi-tech procedures and are finished in a diamond-like carbon coating. Blaken says the process (which is only possible in Germany) takes 16 days before their products meet stringent demands for toughness and finish. They offer a range of Rolexs or will customise a watch of your choosing, applying company logos, names and colours to the watch face and customisation options to the lume and bezel.
I’m not sure if Blaken’s work is considered sacrilege to the Rolex community but these watches are beautiful, there’s no denying that. It offers Rolex fans a chance to ascertain a certain uniqueness to a product that is so widely worn and appreciated. But then it also must be said that a true Rolex aficionado possesses the knowledge of each model’s idiosyncratic differences and in an attempt to buy something original would much prefer to spend their money on a Great White Sea Dweller or any number of classic vintage subs before buying a Blaken. If I had the money I’d obviously take both.

Visit to have a look at their range, their Facebook page has a range of individual products they’ve done for customers including Panerai’s and Omegas like this Speedmaster.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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